In my bio page I could give you the visitor a boring detailed description of where I came from, where I’m going and who I am or plan to be. Nay, instead I want to tell you a story. It’s a ridiculous story, but life when it’s at its most frustrating and humorous is often ridiculous.

I have been a writer since I can remember grabbing a pencil, deciding writing with pencil sucked and then discovered pens. I’ve been published in countless literary journals, poetry journals and wrote two books before my Women of the Grey series that I tossed into the trash. 

Knowing at my core that I am a writer but never believing in myself lead me down different career paths that had me hopelessly reaching for different college degrees. Nothing ever clicked; the screw did not fit the hole.

There came a time in my life where stress was at an all time high, my days as well as my thoughts and heart went black. This is when I turned my head to writing. I went back home to where I belonged, taking the ideas that were constantly dancing around my skull and put them together. 

From this Starburst book 1 in my Women of the Grey series was born. At first I wrote it for therapy. It distracted me from what was going on in my life, Starburst was my lifeline to calm. As I wrote I showed it to one friend after another, all giving me positive feedback along with pats on the back.

No matter what I was told by friends about my manuscript I didn’t believe it. How could my writing be of value? Who would want to read my scribbles?

Then a moment came. In life moments that change everything happen when we are least prepared, when we least expect to be slapped by wisdom.  I was sitting in a doctor’s office and next to me was a women deeply engrossed in her EBook. 

I am very nosy about what people are reading. It is in my mind a tell of what that person is about; the book they have in hand is a small detail of who they are.  I ask the women what she was reading and her response changed everything for me.

“Oh honey, my husband makes fun of me, but I just love werewolf romance novels…”

I nodded at the women. She smiled and contently went back to reading. It took me a minute or two to process what she had just said to me.  First of all I had no idea that werewolf romance was a thing and that took me a couple minutes to ponder. Then the proverbial light bulb lit up over my head.

There was someone, somewhere sitting writing werewolf romance novels and there was someone, somewhere reading them. If that is happening in the world then, maybe there was an audience for my work. 

I left the doctor’s office that day, determined that I would no longer push the writer in me away telling it to hush and sit still. I would embrace the writer, celebrate the writer and do my damndest to have my work be known.

I now write fulltime. I am dedicated to being an indie author that brands herself, makes a name for herself and hopefully builds a fan base that not only reads my books, articles, blogs, etc but also gets me the way that lady got werewolf romance.


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“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real to. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win. -Stephen King

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