What my blog will not be:

I have a writer’s blog on my Goodreads page where I post my frustrations of being an unknown indie author.  This blog, on my personal website will be different. It will be a mixture of my writing, my personal life, movies, TV shows, video games; it’ll be many things but let me tell you what it will not be.

It will not be:

Pictures of cats sorry I’m not a cat lover or hater or anything. I am 100% dog person. 

Recipes, I hate cooking. I cook because the law states that I must feed my children, but there is no love for it. I’m the lady at the fast food restaurant with coupons, following my very tight writer’s budget but trying to get out of cooking dinner. If you want recipes I highly recommend Trisha Yearword. I do however watch many cooking shows; I don’t understand the psychology behind that. 

Pictures of babies, I’m a 45 year old menopausal woman. If a baby so much as coo’s within 30 feet of me I leave the building. Toddlers as far as I’m concerned are small mean drunks if I see one in the parking lot I drive home. A screaming child will cause me to leave my shopping cart behind and try to find a bar.  There will also not be any photos of my children. I do not post photos of my children online. 

Gardening, I want very badly to grow a beautiful garden full of veggies and flowers, but unfortunately if it’s green and I try to nurture it…well it usually commits suicide. I gave up on gardening. I have figured out dogs and little boys, but plants can sense my neediness for them.

Crafts, I’m not the mom to put together Popsicle sticks and marshmallows to create something that the kid will toss on the grass 10 minutes later. I’m the mom that plays Xbox with her kids them takes them to a Marvel movie usually followed up by more Xbox and milkshakes. 

Shopping, I hate shopping. I order as much as I can online. I’d rather get kicked in the crotch than hang out at the mall

Relationships, I’ve been married for 18 years I’ve had some great times with my hubby and some horrible times with my hubby none of which I find remotely interesting enough to discuss. 


You won’t find politics; I have my firm beliefs and will not share them. 

Religion, I’m agnostic and have zero interest in knowing what everybody else believes in.

 Lies, I tell it like it is. I’ve been lied to enough in my life to propagate such behavior. 


I will never discuss The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars, but can discuss Sister Wives for hours. My love for Sister Wives is embarrassing. 

Lastly, my grammar is usually poop, which is why I have an incredible editor courtneyedits.com for my books, so grammar police this blog is about emotions, thoughts, writing, life the occasional Owl GIF lay off if my grammar sucks. 

Looking over my list I’m screwed I’ve omitted everything that makes a popular blog and I’m a horror author…LOL shit to be popular I’ve got to write romance and post about how hard it is to figure men out while explaining how to organize your closet and make a great lasagna. If that’s what you’re looking for you’ve got the wrong chica. 

Hope you stick with me.