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Ella is nothing you think she is.


Meet Ella

Ella was the type of girl who would turn heads. Turn heads not for beauty, or hint of elegance. There was nothing in her appearance that suggested the outrageous.

Ella was cool to look at; she appeared to be plucked out of the stars.  She wasn’t beautiful. Ella was almost unnerving when you first spot her with steel colored eyes that seemed too large to be human and lips that sparkled without gloss. Her neck seemed swan like in length.

Ella was something of a pretty oddity; it often caused people to stare with contempt at her whispering to one another “How could she enhance herself that way? Did she use plastic surgery? Is she wearing special effects contact lenses?” They’d hiss at each other that Ella must wear a lot of makeup.  It was alwaysTisk, Tisk” for that girl from some and silent envy from others.

Ella had noticed the stares from people long ago; it was something that sat in the air around her. She never bothered with it. When Ella was young she wanted nothing more than to shoo the stares away. Stares were easy to handle Ella walked away from them and a person’s attention span would handle the rest.

Ella walked her world.  She spent her days walking her walk, while thinking the thoughts that only Ella could understand. Ella was not normal, but then again she might seem like the most normal of all. Her daily actions reflected not the slightest hint of what was truly hidden in her. To watch Ella you would see a young lady that lived her life with discipline, responsibility, and a maturity that most never attain. 

There were many that watched Ella. The stares Ella could shrug away, but to be watched would cause Ella to change her routines, possibly move to another town and spend some time as she had done before hidden in quiet places of this world.

Ella is not what your think or guess. Most days Ella is a puzzle to herself and everyone else.