I have decided to write a brief introduction to the characters in all my books. Yup, I said all of them.  This includes The Women of the Grey series, my short story LifeSong and also the up and coming Robbie Street a mini mystery series and The Demon Dealer horror novel. Please meet Superior Mother.

 Superior Mother yawned; the Women of the Grey had been tedious lately with their self-absorbed bickering. Bickering Mother Superior believed was for those that had time to do so.  Superior's Mothers assistant believed that the bickering stemmed from discontentment. Discontentment came from idle hands. If the women had time to bicker that means they placed value on their discontentment. It did not mean that the women had extra time on their hands; it meant they were wasting their time. Wasting their time was a slap in the face to Superior Mother's leadership and to the dignity of their kind.

Superior Mother felt a spit of hate in her mouth; she hated anything that was a waste of their resources and time. Listening to the Women of the Grey grumble at each other acting no better than emotional human teens had Superior Mother edgier than she should be. She felt knife sharp, ready to slice and dice.  Sipping her tea Superior Mother sat still not wanting to get up to start her day. She did not want to see these women for just a moment more.

Sip after sip of tea Superior Mother reminded herself that their race outmatched humans at every turn. If she could remember the women's worth then perhaps she wouldn't be so ready to toss them aside.  Women of the Grey were better than the humans that they had dealt with on missions. Superior Mother needed to remember that, close that idea up in her hands and keep it safe. Safe so that she could return to it, hold it against her and ease her mind after a horrendous day.

Closing her eyes Superior Mother put the teacup to her face feeling the steam float across her. Opening her eyes and blinking Superior mother wished to be tea. To be something soothing and warm that slid down the throat and was always welcomed. Setting her teacup aside Superior Mother's thoughts drifted to the Originals.

The originals of their race were masterful. Originals were savage, an upper class of survivalist on a planet that was not their own. They built a home on earth where the Women of the Grey now hide in plain sight from human eyes. What would the Originals think of the women now? Would the Originals think them soft and unworthy of their kind? The Women of the Grey now were more human than anything else and this caused the bickering, the discontentment, the loss of who they are. It was as if they had all miss stepped and followed a path that was never meant to be.

Standing up Superior Mother wanted to toss her teacup across the room, watch it smash into the wall and hit the ground with small clunks. She wished she could do this to many of them. Take those that had lost their grit, were swayed by human ways and toss them against a wall. Watch these women of the Grey fall to the floor and break.  Superior Mother was a leader. When you lead, you build but you also break. Breaking is what Superior Mother seemed to like best.

Perhaps she should do this in public? Take one of them that had loved a human. Or one among them that believed the freedom of everyday choices that humans had was something the Grey should incur. Superior Mother wanted one infidel to bash against the wall and let fall. Teach the Women of the Grey that human does not equal better. Human to their kind meant little if anything, at all.Superior Mother believed humans were inferior. The humans had diversity in thought and action these beliefs could not happen in the Grey. "We are all the same and none different" Superior Mother repeated the Grey's motto to herself daily reminding herself that as a unit they were stronger.  Each woman of the Grey is the same in appearance what lagged now was they grew further and further from being the same in thought.

The ring on Superior's mother's hand was the mark of their leader and it grew heavy these days. The ring was an insignificant looking piece of shiny metal that held the key to all doors in the Grey. Doors that held secrets that were vast, secrets that were by definition horrible. Superior Mother placed horrible with discontent they were both useless words humans gave merit to. Useless was not a thought or place Superior Mother liked to be.Superior Mother stretched her fingers out admiring the ring.  Not one of them had noticed that the ring held specks of their frosty planet in its makeup. No women of the grey knew the ring that Superior Mother wore was part of home. The ring was forged on their home planet and from their home planet to mark their leader. Some days when the Grey was quiet Superior Mother wondered if the ring was more than a key, more than metals and dust from their planet.  Superior Mother questioned herself could the ring be a beacon? Could the ring one day have them rescued and taken home by their kind?

Breathing Superior Mother took her eyes off the ring thinking of the ring reminded her that she was the leader now, but must watch her back.  She was wary in her thoughts and movements ever present in the idea that every moment could be her last.  There is always another woman of the grey dwelling in hidden corners eager to rip the ring from her finger and put her to rest. These women that are lustful for Superior Mothers spot always under estimated the burden of being a leader.

 Superior Mother believed herself the leader who made choices. Choices that sometimes hurt her kind. Choices that the women of the Grey did not understand, would not understand. Some days she believed the women of the Grey could not understand anything she did at all. Standing up then straightening her hair and smearing a look of calm on her face. Superior mother remembered something she had read, "To lead a pack of wolves you must have the sharpest teeth and the biggest bite." She repeated that quote to herself more than once as she prepared to open her bedroom door. The quote made Superior Mother smile. She had the sharpest teeth. Closing her bedroom door Superior Mother grinned she also had the biggest bite.




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