from the Diabla Poetry Collection

by Carol James Marshall



Sitting back

behind the trees

behind the brush and leaves

she lingers

wondering if they

can sense her


Introspective, is she

always contemplating

the gears and pulleys

of humans

how do they work?

what makes them do,

what they do?


She crunches herself

into a ball

eyes sharp as glass

hair beaten bloody pulp red

she is pushing the instinct to

crawl over to them



Instead she inches closer

listening to the chatter

of ghost stories and

Big Boo’s

humans cling to each other

so scary

the dark

the stories


So funny

it all is to her

the dark

the stories

are nothing

compared to her

compared to the horror

she can accomplish with the

 flick of a finger


But not right now

she ignores the

Inner flame

to cause terror

tonight is a study

In human’s

to learn them

to laugh at them


So that one day

she can educate them

bring herself into their site

let them think

let them know

Is she monster?

Is she vampire?

What is that thing?

Could it be real?

What is she going to do to us?

The humans quiver


Then they’d hear a voice

Crystal clean and loud

enough for everyone to hear

What if the devil was a girl?


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