A personal note to my website visitors and fans; I keep a writers blog on my GoodReads author page.  On this writers blog, I speak in total honesty on my journey as an indie author. I have decided to post my current blog post here on my welcome page. I feel passionately about this post. To better understand me as a writer I believe it is essential that the readers understand where I stand on Free books, discounted books and why I feel the way I do.  Thank you!


Art is not free

I belong to a plethora of FB indie writer’s forums. It’s a great place to socialize, share ideas, and worries. Recently, one writer posted on how he was saving up money to publish his book. He was preparing for the costs of editing, formatting, and audio book production. This had me thinking, does the reader know how much money we Indies pour into our books?

Before I get comments let’s clear the air. I am speaking only for myself. I cannot tell you how much money an individual indie author has poured into their work. I can only tell you how much I have spent on my series so far.

My Women of the Grey series Starburst book 1 and Red Drug book 2 has cost me close to 3 thousand dollars. This includes professional editing, formatting, and covers. I have yet to make a profit and after producing these books have zero budget for advertising.

Take this into perspective. I have recently stopped working so that I can focus on my writing. I am anticipating having two books released next year. That means that I am currently seeking a part-time job to pay for my books needs, because I cannot stomach taking money from my family budget to pay for my hobby.

That’s right I called it a hobby. Until, I make a profit, creating books is my hobby.  It is a hobby that makes me happy, keeps me sane and is cheaper than therapy.

Now that you know where I am coming from you might understand where I am at. Lately, I have wrestled with anger. Anger at Joe/Jane public that want free books all the time. I have anger at the people who think its okay to go to pirate websites and receive a free copy of my books.  I’m sick of it.

Now, I’m not complaining about the amount of money I have spent on my books. I did so willingly. I shall spend close to another 3 thousand to release another two books that will also probably not see a profit.

The anger stems from the fact that after I have not only poured my soul into my books I have also have dedicated my wallet to them.  Some people in the public believe .99 cents is asking too much for an EBook.  Think on everything I have just stated, next time you think .99 cents is too much for an EBook.

For the moment I have two Instafreebies going on for Starburst book 1 in my series and it is free on my website when you sign up to my mailing list. I hate that, just hate it. Once those two promotions are over I shall no longer offer my work for free. I simply cannot stomach it.

I will also only drop my price from $2.99 to .99 cents for an occasional promotion.  If the literary world cannot value my work, then I will. If a reader believes that $2.99 is too much for an EBook then they can pass me by.

I cannot speak for all authors only myself, but I’m disgusted by devaluing my work. I have decided to take a stand.

Supporting the arts, means more than reposting a meme on social media or nodding when a local artist explains their craft. Supporting the arts means understanding the value of the artist. Artist of all forms pour hours of heartache in their work.

It should be understood that art in all forms, be it writing, painting, music is a calling. We as a society should respect that.

Next time you run into an artist, buy that painting or perhaps pay for their book, buy their CD then play it proudly.

Art is not free, there are hours of labor involved and must be treated with reverence.




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